Notice of 2021 March Board of Review Meetings to be Held In Person and Electronically

Please take notice that the Kearney Township March Board of Review meetings will be held on the days/times listed below in person at the Kearney Township Hall located at 4820 Aero Park Drive, Bellaire, MI, and by electronic remote access.

Appeal Hearings:                    Monday, March 8, 2021 from 3 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Appeal Hearings:                    Wednesday, March 10, 2021 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

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Notice regarding Planning Commission Meetings

The Kearney Township Planning Commission meeting scheduled on Monday, February 15, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. is cancelled.  The next meeting of the Planning Commission will be held on Monday, April 19, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. at the Kearney Township Hall, 4820 Aero Park Dr., Bellaire, MI.

If there are any questions, please call (231) 533-5719.

Notice regarding Poverty Exemption Resolution

The Kearney Township Board adopted a Resolution for Poverty Exemption at its regular Board meeting on February 1, 2021.  The Resolution adopted the Michigan Department of Treasury Application for Poverty Exemption, see  Page 2 of the Resolution specifies the Federal Poverty Guidelines used to determine poverty exemptions.  In addition, an Affirmation of Ownership and Occupancy to Remain Exempt by Reason of Poverty should also be completed, see

Notice Regarding March Board of Review

Kearney Township Resolution 02-01-2021B allows local residents to protest assessments in writing through 3:00 p.m, Wednesday, March 10, 2021.  Please see the back of your assessment notice for more information.  See for the Petition to Board of Review form.

Notice Regarding Board Openings

Kearney Township has two Board Openings:
Kearney Township Board Trustee:  the Trustee must attend monthly Board meetings held on the first Monday of the month and participate in the decisions and deliberations of the Board to manage the affairs of the Township.
Kearney Township Board of Review (alternate member): meets in March, July and December.  The Board of Review makes decisions on taxpayer appeals regarding valuations made by the Township Assessor.  The Board also corrects clerical errors and considers principal residence exemption appeals.  Members serve a two year term.
If you are a Kearney Township resident and interested in serving on one of these Boards, please send a letter of interest to the Township Serpervisor by eamil to or to P.O. Box 51, Bellaire, MI 49615.

March 2021
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
March 1, 2021

7:00 pm: Board of Trustees Meeting

7:00 pm: Board of Trustees Meeting
March 2, 2021

1:00 pm: Board of Review Organizational Meeting

1:00 pm: Board of Review Organizational Meeting
March 3, 2021 March 4, 2021 March 5, 2021 March 6, 2021 March 7, 2021
March 8, 2021

3:00 pm: Board of Review Appeal Hearings

3:00 pm: Board of Review Appeal Hearings
March 9, 2021 March 10, 2021

9:00 am: Board of Review Appeal Hearings

9:00 am: Board of Review Appeal Hearings
March 11, 2021 March 12, 2021 March 13, 2021 March 14, 2021
March 15, 2021 March 16, 2021 March 17, 2021 March 18, 2021 March 19, 2021 March 20, 2021 March 21, 2021
March 22, 2021 March 23, 2021 March 24, 2021 March 25, 2021 March 26, 2021 March 27, 2021 March 28, 2021
March 29, 2021 March 30, 2021 March 31, 2021 April 1, 2021 April 2, 2021 April 3, 2021 April 4, 2021