Kearney Township Board Meeting Minutes

July 5, 2016

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Kearney Township Board Meeting

July 5, 2016

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm.

Pledge of allegiance.

Roll call: present- Niepoth, Hagood and Petrie. Absent- Fleet and Kotz.

No conflict of interest was noted.

Motion by Hagood supported by Petrie to approve the agenda as presented, carried.

Motion by Hagood supported by Niepoth to approve last month’s minutes, carried.

Motion by Niepoth supported by Hagood to pay the bills as presented, carried.

Public comment time was given.

Niepoth will check on getting a gate for Flewellen Cemetery.

Herb Reilly was present to ask the Board for their approval to put a stone with a plaque at Mohrmann Park saying “Reilyville” because that area used to be a logging camp that was called Reilyville. The board had no objection, but said the decision would be made by the County because it is County property.

The Clerk said she would contact a company to inquire about repainting the parking lanes for the Township Hall, and someone to refinish the tile floors.

Public comment time was given

Officer reports: written reports were given.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Sally Petrie, Clerk