Kearney Township Board Meeting Minutes

December 1, 2014

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Meeting called to order at 7:00pm.

Pledge of allegiance.

Roll call: present- Niepoth, Kotz, Hagood, Petrie, Fleet. Absent-0.

No conflict of interest was noted.

Motion by Niepoth supported by Hagood to approve the agenda as presented, carried.

Motion by Niepoth supported by Hagood to approve last month’s minutes as presented, carried.

Motion by Hagood supported by Niepoth to approve payment of the bills with the exception of a bill from Derman that should be billed to the Fire Board, carried.

Public Comment: Sheriff Dan Bean gave his monthly report to the township. He also updated the board on the staff additions and changes in the Sheriff’s Department.

Gary Mortensen spoke to the Board about a letter sent to the Township asking for some small fees for the extra work he does on the township’s behalf. He makes trips to the cemeteries with people to show them what graves are available, where to put markers, etc. He has done these things for the Township for thirty four years for free. He also maintains records of the cemeteries and helps the Townships where their records are incomplete. The board agreed that he should be reimbursed for his efforts and we appreciate what he does.

Motion by Niepoth supported by Fleet to pass Resolution # 12-01-14 objecting to the transfer of tax foreclosed properties to the Township. Roll call vote: yes-Niepoth, Fleet, Kotz, Hagood, Petrie. No-0. Motion carried.

Motion by Fleet supported by Kotz to approve the Fireworks Permit for Shanty Creek, carried.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Sally Petrie, Clerk